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About Us

The Montgomery County Divorce Roundtable, Inc., a nonprofit, nonstock Maryland corporation, is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes, and has the following as its principal purposes:

  • Working as an interdisciplinary organization of professionals dedicated to improving and expanding the quality, effectiveness, and availability of critical legal and mental health services for the benefit of all Montgomery County area families and individuals, especially children, undergoing the full range of legal, emotional, psychological, and personal safety problems and issues that are associated with divorce, marital separation, and child custody and visitation events, crises, and processes;
  • to develop and implement policies, programs and education for professionals working with these families and individuals as well as public education to the families and individuals undergoing these problems; to foster understanding and collaboration among professionals who work with families going through divorce processes;
  • to promote the public's awareness of beneficial alternatives to litigation of divorce and related family issues; to provide such assistance as may be requested or needed by the Courts of the State of Maryland and by other governmental agencies and nonprofit mental health and social service provider agencies, consistent with the Corporation’s exempt purposes, in matters which relate or pertain to separation and divorce;
  • to conduct public discussion groups, seminars, forums, panels, lectures, or other similar programs; to create and implement programs designed to assist families involved in separation and divorce in meeting their legal and mental health needs; to suggest methods by which judges, masters, attorneys, mental health professionals, mediators and others may more effectively serve the needs of families involved in separation and divorce and in litigation associated therewith;
  •  to train and cross-train attorneys and other professionals involved in divorce and child custody issues, especially those who from time to time, through other agencies, volunteer their services at no fee or a reduced fee to low income and poor families and on behalf of minor children requiring assistance in divorce, child custody, and child welfare matters;
  • to author, publish, distribute and provide public education materials in the form of books, pamphlets, articles, periodicals, circulars, manuals, reports, journals, curriculums, audio tapes, video tapes, visual aids, computer programs, web site publications and postings, and all form and manner of artistic and literary works which may be necessary or desirable to promote and carry out the purposes of the Corporation.
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